Ready to wok! Top restaurant style dishes for you to make at home

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The humble wok first originated in Ancient China. Widespread across Asia, this versatile piece of cooking equipment is an essential ingredient in any home or restaurant kitchen. Eating out can bring us a variety of choices, and is usually our chance to try something a little new or unusual to us. Restaurant dining can be expensive however, so we’re taking a look at the best restaurant style wok prepared meals you can make at home. 

Woks differ from European style frying pans in that they have taller sides. These sides become vital in the cooking process. Their tallness and wok’s rounded basin combine to form a cooking effect that effectively encapsulates the food, heating it quickly and evenly throughout. The woks tall sides can also be used for steaming, boiling and shallow pan frying functions to create a wide variety of dishes for your home kitchen. 

Peanut Tofu stir fry

It’s the peanut sauce in the recipe from The Modern Proper cooking blog that makes it super special. Add in some crispy al dente green vegetables such as peas and broccoli to balance the creaminess from the peanut sauce. 

Sweet and Sour Stir fry vegetables 

A classic on every asian inspired menu, the sweet and sour is an all time favourite. This vegetable stir fry recipe from Healthy Fitness Meals gives you a lean calorie version that doesn’t compromise on flavour. 

Pad Thai 

Pad Thai is a traditional dish from Thailand that combines soft, lucious noodles with juicy vegetable chunks to be finished off with crunchy bean sprouts and a crushed peanut topping. This easy and simple recipe from the Minimalist Baker shows you how to achieve the ultimate south east asian taste sensation that will transport you straight to Thailand. 

Stuck at home? Get your wok and and taste the flavours of the orient with any of these simple and easy recipes.