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The world is as wide as it is varied. But across countries, cultures and peoples there is one common thing that unites us all: Food. Our love of food is as universal as our need to breathe air. But food is more than a necessity. Food can do extraordinary things in our world: It can bring people and families together, it can pass on a history and a culture or it can create new memories. Wars have been fought over food, empires have risen and fallen based on the trade of taste and spice. But maybe the most important thing about food is the simple pleasures it brings when we eat it, and we think that that is worth celebrating.

Here at Restaurant Arras, we celebrate food and everything about it. Whether it’s sweet or savory, exotic or comforting, celebrity-made or home-made, it doesn’t matter because we love it all. We cover a wide variety of dishes and cuisines: from the famous rich French sauces, tasty Italian pastas, umami filled Japanese noodles to the new and exciting flavours being developed in the fusion of cuisine, we’ll find them all and bring them to you

But we also understand it’s not just about the food anymore. With the rise of celebrity chefs, cooking competition shows and Instagram, there’s now a new culture around food. Foodies no longer just want information on food, they want information about food and we’ll be here to provide you with that news. We’ll give you the latest on what’s healthy and what’s not or what new thing science has concocted (plant based meat!?). We’ll tell you which chefs are in vogue and which places will feed both you and your Instagram. But if that’s not for you, then we can just tell what is tasty and what you should eat. Because that’s really what food is about.