At the intersection of football hooliganism and restaurant reviewing

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What happens when English football hooligans try their hand at restaurant reviewing? Thanks to Brazilian footballer David Luiz, we now have the answer to that question. Luiz, who plays in the UK’s Premier League, recently made a surprise move from Chelsea Football Club (for whom he had played on and off for the last eight years, and consistently since 2016) to Arsenal Football Club, Chelsea’s bitter rival.

As you might imagine, Chelsea devotees were less than thrilled with Luiz’s departure. And many of them decided to make their fury known—and get some degree of revenge—by launching a coordinated attack on Luiz’s restaurant via one-star reviews online.

For context: Luiz is the owner of Babbo, a ritzy Italian restaurant near Piccadilly Circus in Mayfair, London. Negative reviews began showing up en masse on a number of websites in the hours after the Luiz trade was confirmed.

Here are some examples of one-star reviews on Google:

“Terrible service, disgusting food. Do not recommend.”

“Absolute rubbish full of snakes.”

“I don’t know about food but your owner is a fraud for sure.”

“Curly-haired owner never there on Thursday night for some reason.”

“Disgusting, food was horrible. Slow service, and [I] saw people having photos with a big rat that had curly hair. Wouldn’t recommend.”

And here’s a few from Trip Advisor (again, all one-star):

“The food was quite average for the prices. The service is pretty slow, the waiter was rude and the two owners stopped by our table and both were quite annoying. There are about 100 places better in London.”

“The plate came with a curly hair in my food [a reference to Luiz’s massive, curly do], and [there] appeared to be rat droppings on the floor. Would not recommend to anyone. I have reported the restaurant to the relevant authorities.”

For the record, TimeOut gave Babbo four stars, writing: “overall Babbo delivers on well-cooked, quality ingredients and top-notch service.”