Best cooking shows for budding chefs

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For many of us, 2020 was the year we found ourselves in the kitchen. Various lockdown restrictions due to the ongoing coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic meant that around the world, kitchen novices who had been previously reliant on take out, deliveries and restaurant fare, were forced to pick up their cooking utensils and give it their best shot on the hob. While many may have fallen foul of the classic Pinterest fail – when one’s intended outcome does not match the desired picture it was based on – others have had far more successes in their kitchen. 


This combination of new found necessity to make nearly all of one’s food, along with having to stay home far more than usual, has also resulted in a surge in popularity for cooking shows. The TV networks of course have not disappointed. Whether you’re looking for the fire and drama of Hell’s Kitchen, or the soft sweetness of a family baking show, there is something for everyone on the small screen. 


With that in mind, we take a look at the best cooking TV shows out there to get you grilling to perfection!


  1. Great British Bake Off


The Great British Bake Off is the original baking show for the millennial generation. Bakers go head to head in an all purpose baking tent in the middle of the English countryside, making a range of classic and showstopping cake innovations. One by one bakers are eliminated each week until only one remains to be crowned the winner. Comedians Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas currently host the British edition of the bake off, though it has spawned many a copycat across the globe. 


  1. Hell’s Kitchen 


First airing in 2005, Hell’s Kitchen was another first of its kind cooking show. The elimination style format saw 20 chefs compete to become the number one of Hell’s Kitchen, led and hosted by chef superstar Gordon Ramsay.