Do you already own this number one secret beauty product?

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You may not know it but you could already be the owner of 2020’s number one beauty product. Coconut oil has seen a rising trend in its popularity as both a health and beauty product as the wellness industry continues to look for more ethical and sustainable options. Previously used mainly for its water or milk for cooking, the coconut was an under utilised material in western beauty products. Not for much longer however, as people are becoming increasingly interested in its uses that extend far past the kitchen. Now the uses for coconut oil seems endless, with evidence based studies demonstrating clear benefits from using the ingredient in multiple, ingenious ways. 




Coconut oil has been linked to many kinds of good health benefits such as better metabolism, a healthier heart, and even been known to contain antimicrobial effects. Weight loss has been suggested to come from the coconut oil’s medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are shorter fatty acid chains then the traditional long-chain triglycerides (LCTs) of most dietary fats. These good fatty acids in the coconut oil actually encourage the body to burn fat, as well as provide a big injection of energy for both the body and brain. 




Another key factor in the rise of coconut oil’s popularity is its ability to be used in a myriad of fashions as a beauty product. A one-product-fits-all type of scenario, coconut oil can be used all over the body from head to toe. Known for improving hair growth, coconut oil can stimulate hair follicles to remove the sebum that often builds up there. Massaging coconut oil into your scalp can be a quick and easy way to nourish your hair for longer, thicker and lusher locks. Moving down the body, a nightly rub of coconut oil into your feet will help any cracked-heel pains you might be experiencing. A small amount of coconut oil applied just before bed will help keep your feet smooth and moisturised in no time at all.