Haribo sweet shortage imminent

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The much beloved German confectioner’s Haribo has warned of an imminent shortage of their sweets in the UK. As the ongoing coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic continues around the world, supply chains and other unforeseen consequences are still emerging and being felt. In this case, the German confectioner is struggling to find enough lorry drivers to take on the work of transporting their high-demand product from the EU to the UK market.

Haribo is the brainchild of Hans Riegel and comes from Bonn, in Western Germany. The company was established at the beginning of the 20th century in 1920, but it took two years until 1922 for the firm to release their most widely consumed product: the fruity gummy bear. Haribo went on to release all types of novelty sweets, from soft candy hearts, to fun shaped fried egg gummies, cola bottles and liquorice wheels. The world famous ‘Starmix’ that includes an array of Haribos’ most popular sweets was released in 1995. 

The company’s lorry driver shortage problem is exemplary of the difficulties faced by those wanting to do EU to UK trade post-Brexit, as well as demonstrating clear effects of the pandemic on business. A driver shortage seems to be the result of over a year of lockdown measures in both the UK and Europe. As a result, young people everywhere have been unable to take driving lessons or go for their driving test. People of all ages equally have had to wait to gain qualifications such as their lorry driving license. 

Haribo says it is working to fix the problem as soon as possible: “We are working with partners across the food and drink industry to address and respond to this problem.” However, they went on to say how this problem is not unique to them as a business: “As is the case with many manufacturers and retailers throughout the country, we are experiencing challenges with regards to the nationwide driver shortage.”