Have you tried the growing Butter Coffee trend?

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Butter might not be your first thought when it comes to how to snazz up a coffee, but for the palate adventurous – or coffee bored – Butter Coffee has become a growing trend. But why on earth, you may ask, would someone want to add butter of all things to their coffee? Advocates for the trend say that this sneaky addition adds plenty of mental and physical benefits. 


One suggestion is that the butter added to the coffee gives the drink an additional energy increase. So the drinker is left feeling not only fuller, but also more fueled from their delicious beverage. Combined with the caffeine already in the coffee, many say butter coffee gives them an enhanced mental clarity in comparison to its normal or decaf counterparts. 


There are many however who speculate those in favour of the technique are reporting false claims. Whilst you might expect such a calorific addition to cause a subsequent increase in weight, it is actually suggested that the trendy new health beverage could inversely cause weight loss in drinkers. 


This supposed weight loss factor comes from the addition of medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil (roughly one tablespoon), along with another tablespoon of ‘grass-fed’ butter. The MCT oil works directly with the drinker’s liver to kickstart the metabolism into gear and get it breaking down the fatty oils. 


MCTs can be bought from boutique stores or coconut oil can be used. Likewise, whilst ‘grass-fed’ butter works best, standard supermarket unsalted butter is also an excellent stand in. For the even more adventurous – and those in places where it’s legal – THC or majuana infused oils can be used to give the coffee an extra kick. 


A standard 8 ounce or 237ml Butter Coffee contains roughly 445 calories and an estimated 50 grams of total fat. While we’re unsure yet how much this growing trend will take over, we are certain there’ll be some delicious experiments as we find out.