Japanese man accused of fraud for dating 35 women

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A 39 year old Japanese man has been accused of fraud by 35 women that he was found to be dating simultaneously. The man, named as Takashi Miyagawa, allegedly dated the women strategically in order to extract hundreds of thousands of Japanese Yen from them in the form of restaurant dates and birthday gifts. 

In an age of digital dating apps and ghosting, it’s horror stories like this which can send people into despair over the state of the world. In a move of epic manipulation, Miyagawa is said to have given each of the women a different date for his birthday so he could continually receive gifts throughout the year. 

Giving one woman a date in April, he fooled another with a date in March according to local news reports. The 13th November is said to be his birthday, making him a Scorpio according to the zodiac. 

The women all claim Miyagawa would lure them into a false sense of security by professing his desire for a serious and committed relationship. One woman reported Miyagawa as saying: “I’m serious. I’m going to be with you for the rest of my life”, after she questioned his forwardness in the relationship when he tried to kiss her on the second date. 

Miyagawa supposedly met the women during his time selling shower heads for hydrogen water as well as other products at a marketing company. 

The scam was only revealed in February 2021 when the women bounded together to lodge a complaint with Japanese police. Together the women are now accusing Miyagawa of fraud. The charge for which he has now been arrested. 

Miyagawa managed to swindle over £650, roughly 100,000 Japanese Yen, from the women. One of the biggest expenses was for a luxury tailored suit costing £200, over 30,500 Japanese Yen.