Let them eat cake! Top baking Instagram accounts to follow

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Cakes and baking have taken over Instagram in 2020 as one of the most popular accounts to follow for those in love with all things kitchen related. The drive to create aesthetically pleasing, aspirational and downright escapism content has sent online bakers into a flurry of competition with each other to produce the best looking, and most ridiculous possible, doughy plenitudes. With a large part of the Western world confined to their homes right now also, the need for kitchen content has meant these five baking Instagram accounts have skyrocketed in their popularity since the beginning of the year and the COVID-19 quarantine. With audiences and bakers alike stuck at home, we take a look at the top 3 cake baking Instagram accounts for you to peruse at your pleasure, dissect at your leisure, and recreate at your own risk!

1. @star_seeded

Number of followers: 11.2k

Star Seeded is an Instagram account for the dreamy. Her cakes take a non-traditional route of using gelatine and flowers over more conventional ingredients such as flour or eggs. The results are whimsical towers of suspended floral motifs, smooth on the outside but mottled by the textures within. 


2. @_hoe_cakes_

Number of followers: 12.2k 

Hoe Cakes promises quality cake content to their followers, an Instagram full of collected wondrous and out-there cakes for your visual digestion. Cakes posted by Hoe Cakes often fall into a humorous category, often with intriguing written messages to their recipients. For a tantalising highlight reel of disbelief see her ‘inedible’ cake story. 


3. @coven_bakery

Number of followers: 19.9k

London based Coven Bakery is one of the most widely followed cake baking accounts on Instagram with an outstanding nearly twenty thousand followers! Not at all witchy themed, despite its name, Coven bakery posts their own mouth watering creations. Delivering pastel coloured, sickly sweet looking fantasies, their Instagram is a welcoming portal of lightweight fantasy in these otherwise distinctly dark times.