Man lands dream job as taco editor

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Every so often you hear about a job that makes you green with envy. Well prepare to change color because this is one of those times. Texas Monthly, an American magazine founded in 1973 and based in Austin, TX, recently announced that it has hired a full-time taco editor. You read that correctly: “Jose R. Ralat, a Dallas-based writer, is joining us to cover all things taco, from reviews and profiles to trends and Tex-Mex traditions.”

Ralat will start his new position September 18, but he won’t be the only specialized food editor on staff. In 2013, Texas Monthly hired Daniel Vaughn as its official barbecue editor. He maintains that position today.

“José is one of the foremost experts on tacos in the state and the country,” said Texas Monthly executive editor Kathy Blackwell, a longtime reader of Ralat’s writing. “We are thrilled to have him join our growing editorial team, and to share with our readers his wealth of knowledge about the amazing variety of foods that can be tucked into a tortilla.”

Texas Monthly reports that Ralat started writing about tacos on a professional level for the Dallas Observer ten years ago. Shortly thereafter, he created the well-known Taco Trail blog, where he visited and reviewed hundreds of restaurants, taquerias, taco trucks and food stalls. Most recently he worked for Cowboys & Indians magazine as food and drink editor. He has contributed to a wide range of publications; in 2015 he wrote “The 120 Tacos You Must Eat Before You Die,” which was the cover story for Texas Monthly’s December 2015 issue.

Ralat has a book coming out through the University of Texas Press in April of next year. It’s about—you guessed it— tacos, and it’s titled American Tacos: A History and Guide.