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New season of ‘Great British Baking Show’ to be streamed on Netflix in US

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Good news for American baking enthusiasts: The Great British Baking Show, or The Great British Bake-Off as it’s known in the UK, is coming to a Netflix near you. The new season—the show’s tenth—will be debut on Britain’s Channel 4 today (that’s 27 August). It will be available in the United States via Netflix just three days later, 30 August.

This has American fans of the baking challenge program excited. Whereas with previous seasons they had to wait until the episodes had finished airing across the pond before devouring them all at once, the new season will be shown episode-by-episode, just as it is in England, albeit delayed by three days.

In the past, as Decider reports, American viewers were made to wait as much as a year for the latest season of The Great British Baking Show to air on PBS, after which is would be available. From Decider:

The Great British Baking Show first made its way over to the United States as a popular PBS import. Then, it found crazy success in Netflix’s library. Two years ago, Love Productions, the company that produces the series, tried to renegotiate its contracts with British broadcasting titan, the BBC. Eventually, Love Productions moved the series to rival Channel 4. Netflix took this opportunity to negotiate to make the show a Netflix Original, which means they get the exclusive rights to later seasons.”

Now for some casting details. The new season will feature a 28 geography teacher, Alice. “I have wanted to be in Bake Off ever since the show has started,” she told RadioTimes, “but I wasn’t really good enough when I was 18. To be on such a big show doing something that you are passionate about is a huge thing. I also felt that to be accepted into the tent gave me the confidence to feel that I could bake.  It was a dream come true!”

There is also a 24-year-old fashion designer, a 32-year-old support worker, a 40-year-old online project manager, a 28-year-old veterinarian, two 20-year-old students, and more. It’s a diverse group, and the youngest cast the show has ever had.

And in case you were wondering: the difference in names between countries is thanks to the fact that, in America, the rights to the term “bake-off” are owned by popular food stuffs producer Pillsbury Company.