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New smart coaster turns you into expert bartender

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A wise man once said: “One martini is all right. Two are too many, and three are not enough.” I know what he means, and so, probably, do you. Fortunately, for anyone living in or near a reputable metropolis, however small, finding a decent cocktail bar is a cinch. But you may have noticed that, as such bars continue to proliferate, the cost of a drink continues to creep upwards. A few years ago one have a couple pre-dinner Manhattans in a “prohibition-style” speakeasy for $20 plus a tip. Now it’s not unusual to come across the $12, $13 or even $15 cocktail.

Which means one thing: you need to learn to start making your own cocktails at home. This isn’t as easy as it sounds—it requires a lot of trial and error—but Barsys has you covered.

Known for its robotic home bartender, Barsys recently announced the launch of a new smart coaster that will help you negotiate the dicey world of mixology. In the company’s own words, “The Coaster is a compact device that precisely measures each cocktail ingredient as it is poured to ensure a perfect cocktail with every glass. … Users of the Coaster simply input their ingredients into the Barsys App, select the cocktail they would like to make and place the glass or pitcher onto the Coaster surface. The lights change color to indicate when to start and stop pouring each ingredient, ensuring drinks taste exactly as they would at a cocktail bar in Manhattan.”

Barsys founder and CEO Akshet Tewari said his goal in manufacturing the Coaster was to make mixing cocktails as hassle-free as snapping the lid off a beer.

“Most people don’t realize how many great cocktails they can make from just a few simple ingredients,” Tewari said. “All they’re missing is the knowhow to put it together. With the Coaster, we set out to make serving a cocktail as easy as grabbing a beer or pouring a glass of wine. Cocktail-making requires a level of skill and precision that anyone can now obtain.”

The Coaster is due to launch in December, just in time for the holidays. The price is $149, but Coasters are currently available via the Barsys website for $95—or about eight cocktails.