Sex, drugs and lubrication: the rise of weed lube

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Majuana infused coconut oil, or ‘weed lube’, as it has come to be known has been growing in popularity alongside the legalisation of cannabis in the USA. Previously a home-brew affair, the boutique cannabis product industry is increasingly turning its attention on the libido’s of its customers. 


Growing interest


Products such as Floria Pleasure launched in 2016 and describe themselves as a ‘natural arousal lube’. Made from 100% organic-certified coconut MCT oil, it guarantees satisfaction from its sun-grown, organic standard crop that ‘enhances tactile sensations while decreasing tension, discomfort and dryness’. Fast forward around half a decade and the industry has seen exponential growth, with product ranking listicles, such as this one from refinery29, and other more practical guides


The health benefits


Weed lube doesn’t just harness the ancient usage of majuana as an aphrodisiac and sexual stimulant, its uses are claimed to extend to those with pelvic and period related pains. From ovarian cysts to Pelvic Neuralgia, advocates for the pain relief benefits of weed lube have much anecdotal and user-review evidence from which to draw stories to support their assertions. 


Along for the ride


One user Hilary White describes her experience in an article for Pop Sugar magazine: ‘the greatest (seriously, greatest) effect it had was on the intensity and length of my orgasm(s)’. She goes on to explain: ‘I literally was laughing incredulously the first time I climaxed, and I’m pretty sure things like “what the actual f*ck?” and “holy sh*t is this still happening?” came out of my mouth.’ Another user recounts how the effect is mainly felt by those with a vagina: ‘Only women can feel its full effect. It gives them intense orgasms and makes them more lubricated. Men are just there for the ride. Um, literally.’ 


From increasing sexual libidos to supposed health and wellness benefits, it’s not hard to see why weed lube continues to become one of the more alternative, but still increasingly popular, cannabis products available.