Sydney man was told he couldn’t dine in at McDonald’s, so he spit on someone. Now he’s charged with assault

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In addition to killing over 100,000 people worldwide and shutting down the global economy, coronavirus has accentuated the idiocy of a percentage of the human race. People are being arrested left and right for violating social distancing guidelines, having parties, threatening to spread Covid-19, even licking and spitting on things and people.

For example, a Sydney man was charged yesterday with common assault after he allegedly spit on a woman inside a McDonald’s in Kellyville Ridge. Per the Daily Mail, the 42-year-old is accused of spitting on the woman when he saw that she was recording an argument he was having with the restaurant’s staff.

He was apparently trying to eat at a table outside the fast food joint, which is off limits due to Australia’s coronavirus restrictions. Since March 23 McDonald’s dining areas have been closed to the public; the drive-thru is open for business, however, and takeaway and delivery are also available.

That wasn’t good enough for this unidentified man, though: he insisted on dining in (because eating inside a McDonald’s is such a satisfying experience). The staff saw him sitting down and told him to vacate the premises, which the man refused to do. A row ensued, at which point a fellow patron took out her phone and began filming. That’s when the man turned and allegedly spit on her before leaving.

Police found and arrested him later that day. His appearance at Blacktown Local Court is scheduled for July 6. Hopefully this incident shows up on his afp police check.

The man is lucky he doesn’t live in the United States, where similar incidents are being handled as terrorist threats. Last month a 26-year-old man from Missouri was charged with making a terrorist threat after he filmed himself licking products at a Walmart and posted the video on social media.

“Who’s scared of coronavirus?” he says in the video before licking a line of deodorants.

He was taken into custody after numerous people—including some from Europe—called the police and reported the video.

“We take this incident very seriously, especially with this infectious disease and the state that the country is in,” Lt. Justin Unger told NBC News. “We take these things seriously to protect our community.”

Similarly, a man from New Jersey was charged with harassment and making a terrorist threat for allegedly intentionally coughing on a grocery store employee who asked him to back away from a prepared food display. After coughing on her, he allegedly laughed and said he was infected with Covid-19. He now faces a jail sentence of three to five years.

Don’t be a moron.