Top Australian style bloggers

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Bored of your wardrobe and looking for some fashion inspiration? Look no further than these top Australian style bloggers making everyday glamour look easy. Whether you’ve had enough of the frump, or are simply seeking a new way to mix it up fashion-wise, these bloggers have plenty of style inspiration for everyone from fashion novice to diva.


  • Harper and Harley 

Launched in 2008 by style guru Sara Crampton, Harper and Harley explores a minimalist aesthetic with a ‘less is more’ philosophy. Featuring fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips, Harper and Harley has become popular around the world for those looking to emulate its Instagram perfect style, and mimic its timeless wardrobe look. The site features multiple categories such as ‘outfit’, ‘runway’, and ‘editorial’, giving readers plenty of visual inspiration to work with.


  • Inside Out Style 

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Inside Out Style blogger Imogen Lamport has made it her mission to help people feel more confident in their wardrobe choices. Believing that fashion can empower people to feel more confident and at ease in the world, Lamport’s website offers plenty of free content, such as e-books and podcasts, for those looking to learn more about what makes a good style choice for them.


  • Brooke Testoni

As Creative Director for Australian fashion brand Rylan, Brooke Testoni is one of Oz’s top style bloggers to follow right now. With a clean-cut and neutral tone aesthetic, Testoni is a leader in women’s lifestyle and fashion with over 133k followers on Instagram. Featuring both an Image Diary and Archive, Testoni’s sight is deep with content that covers clothes, homewares, food and drink to inspire an all-round sensory feast for you to recreate as you like. 


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