Top ways to shake a cold

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Whether you’ve got the summer sniffles or winter woes, it’s horrible to feel down in your body. Prolonged illness can create detrimental mental as well as physical effects and leave you exhausted in your mind and body. With that in mind, here are our top tricks to shake a cold to help you finally start feeling better. 

  • Citrus!


Mangos, oranges and lemons are all fantastic ways to inject Vitamin C into your diet and experts say this can help leave you feeling clearer and more active. Research shows that Vitamin C is needed for the healthy growth and repair of bodies meaning it’s vitally important you up your intake during times of sickness and need. Eating the fruit whole is ideal but blending in a food processor as a smoothie or as a dried snack is also good. 

  • Honey and Lemon hot water teas 


Increase your citrus and soothe your sore throat simultaneously with this traditional honey and lemon tea. The mixture of sweet and sour is delicious as well as super healthy, helping to clear up your system and leave you feeling brighter and more refreshed. The steam from the hot water will also be infused with the citrus and sweet mixture, and act like nasal decongestant as you breathe it in. 

  • Flex and move

A small amount of exercise in measured doses will help bring you back to full health. Whilst a full scale work out at the gym might not end up doing you and favours, a little flexibility and strength training combined with gentle cardio will guide your body back to life. Yoga with Adriene can be done at home in short sessions that will leave you feeling restored rather than exasperated. Thirty minutes to one hour duration walks on a light terrain equally will assist in bringing motion back into your life.