Winter style looks to spruce up your wardrobe

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Autumn has passed and winter is fast approaching making it the perfect time to reassess your wardrobe and update your style. While the summer saw us in popping, bright colours with splashes of neon, winter brings more muted tones into trend and a layered look that can be customised to compliment every figure.

So what are A/W 2020’s top looks? Let’s find out!


Not usually cited as the most fashionable colour, brown clothing items of all varieties made a big impact on the catwalk this season. Neutral palette combos in everything brown-hued from head to toe was a dominating look at fashion week. Spice up your wardrobe and add a hot-take on the trend with a faux-leather long, winter coat.

  • Faux-leather

Faux-leather was indeed a new style staple on the runway this season, with maxi-coats competing with jump and boiler-suits for the fashion crown. Jumpsuits provide a simple answer to getting dressed, allowing you to make a bold statement with little decision making involved. Wearing faux-leather jumpsuits or long coat adds a contemporary twist to this long-term classic.

  • Tiger print

Tiger, tiger, burning bright, in the forests of the night… or so the poem by renowned English poet William Blake goes. For many of the models this season, tiger print saw them channel a wild side and went head-to-head with the more traditional leopard print for our night time choice award. Release your inner beast whilst keeping it a little bit seductive with a tiger print minidress or stay even more on trend with a tiger print maxi-coat over a classic little black dress.

  • Square-toed heels

Don’t forget to look down before you head out! Shoes can be the perfect – and necessary – finishing touch to an outfit, and square-toed heels have been all the range this season. Foregoing an ordinary round toe or dated pointed tip with a square-toed heel can give any outfit a modern edge.